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French Roa

French Roa

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French Roast Coffee, 100% Arabica Beans, Dark, African, Central and South American, bold, rich, full flavor, bittersweet with low acidity.


French roast beans have a charcoal-like flavor, which is considered by many as smoky and sweet.

Compared to lighter roast coffees, French roast coffee tends to mask the original flavor of coffee beans. This means that any regional properties of a particular bean type are usually lost due to the roast. In other words, the roast flavor covers beans’ true flavor.

Many people erroneously believe that the French roast has a higher caffeine level than light roast alternatives. In reality, the opposite is true. A coffee bean with a lighter roast has a higher caffeine level than a French roast. This is because, in the roasting process, coffee beans’ caffeine molecules are burned.

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